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Share and Get Paid ….. Introduction about how to earn money from short links!

Share and Get Paid ….. Here are an introduction about how to earn money from short links

Share and get paid …. here are an introduction about how to earn money from short links



What are the shortened links? and how to use them?

A shortened link is one in which the normal URL has been changed into an abbreviated version.

There are several reasons to use short links. One is just to make a long link much more pleasing and readable.

Another thing that comes with short links is the ability to track the traffic, used by many social media marketers.

You get all kinds of information about your clicked link – how much valid clicks did it get or people from what geographic localizations clicked the most.

Moreover, networks offer to pay their users an amount based on the number of clicks and their localization. How?

While the final destination stays the same, we display ads on the intermediate website.

By borrowing your traffic for just 5 seconds we can often satisfy our advertisers and let you earn while offering links to different types of content for your users.

When stuff starts to make a difference?

Even though most of the shorteners on the market basically offer very similar services, every short links service has its own quirks.

In most cases, these small features won’t be changing anything for you but very rarely they can change your approach towards a specific shortener.

Especially Facebook seems to be hell-bent on banning most of the short links. On the other hand, other social media may prefer their own short link services.

Before you start working with a certain short link service it is generally good to snoop around a bit.

Read a review or two and ask some questions to the regular users.

If you ask kindly, people share not only the info about the service but also some of their personal strategies and best-earning approaches.

Unfortunately, there’s a number of fake services that don’t like to pay to their users.

so always ask about payment proof from their regulars.

Also, remember to thoroughly check the withdrawal policy before deciding.

Shortener’s Best Practices

Now, as mentioned above, each and every service offering a monetary reward for clicking on their short links has its quirks. We will cover some of the best practices

First of all, I can think of two especially effective ways to earn a lot on short links.

First, is to put them as a gateway to media download.

The second way is to be a part of a community or forum.

All you need to find reliable pieces of content and information, shorten it and post in the respective groups.

Just write a few words of explanation and put the link as “the rest” or the source of your info.

Another piece of advice is to always run tests.

You can learn a lot about what is profitable by a simple cross-examination of your links.

Who knows – maybe you’ll find a new golden technique no one has found before!

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