what to do in calgary?


what to do in calgary?

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    1. The Calgary Tower
    2. The Calgary Zoo
    3. Visit Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
    4. Heritage Park Historical Village
    5. The Calgary Stampede
    6. Shop 17th Ave & The Entertainment District
    7. Go on a Public Art Safari
    8. Catch a Flames Game
    9. Visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum
    10. Day at Calaway Park
    11. Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame
    12. Explore Hidden Music Venues
    13. Eat, Drink & Be Merry
    14. Expo Latino
    15. Visit Fort Calgary
    16. Kick up Your Heels at the Cowboys Dance Hall
    17. Take a Horseback Riding Tour
    18. A Fishing Expedition on the Bow River
    19. Picnic in Prince Island Park
    20. Bottoms Up at the Big Rock Brewery
    21. The Military Museum
    22. Weekend Trip to Banff
    23. Pamper Yourself at the Fairmont Banff Springs
    24. Columbia Ice Field Tour
    25. Climb Aboard The Rocky Mountaineer

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