what does wab mean?


what does wab mean?

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    Acronym Definition
    WAB Windows Address Book (file extension for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange)
    WAB What a Bitch
    WAB Wake and Bake (marijuana)
    WAB Waterbury (Amtrak station code; Waterbury, VT)
    WAB Warhammer Ancient Battles (gaming)
    WAB Western Alliance Bancorporation (Phoenix, AZ)
    WAB Wheelchair Accessible Bus (transportation service; Singapore)
    WAB Write Assurance Buffer
    WAB Windows Address Book
    WAB Western Academy of Beijing
    WAB Western Aphasia Battery
    WAB We Are Brother
    WAB Web Address Book
    WAB Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp. (stock symbol)
    WAB What Another Bill
    WAB Wage Appeals Board
    WAB Western Agulhas Bank
    WAB When Authorized By
    WAB Wabash Railroad System
    WAB We Are Bravest (band)
    WAB Work Authorization Board
    WAB Wales Advisory Board (for Local Authority Higher Education)
    WAB Weak Air Blow (oilfield)
    WAB Wild-Ass Branch (programming bug; program flies off to endless activity; as contrasted with hanging)
    WAB Work Avoidance Behavior
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