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There are many degrees of speed typing. Most people have tried to set their clock in 20 minutes (or less) and then type out there. Some got a good experience because they really wrote a lot. Others could not really make it work and sat still gnawing at the end of the pencil. Whichever of the two categories you belong to, it is far from certain that you will master typing to the fullest. In fact, I would venture to say that one can always get better at speed writing. People still turn to non fiction ghostwriter in order to save their precious time. Have you ever hired such a writer?


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    For me, I have never hired ghostwriter but if you’re planning to hire a ghostwriter for your nonfiction book, here are 5 Tips to Hire a Ghostwriter to Work with Nonfiction Authors:

    There’s a constant demand in the market for top-quality nonfiction titles that target well-defined audiences with a unique solution to a burning problem.

    Tip 1: Check for Nonfiction Experience

    Nonfiction ghostwriting requires a very specialized skill set. The ghostwriter must be able to:

    • clearly capture your voice in their writing – since you’re the subject expert, your readers will naturally assume that you’ve written the book.
    • be marketing experts in their own right. They must know how to connect with a target audience through their writing in a way that compels them to take action.
    • connect with an audience intimately.
    • be masters of the writing craft, with full knowledge of the best techniques used to engage, captivate, entertain, stimulate and retain readers from cover to cover.
    Tip 2: Ask to See Prior Nonfiction Ghost-Written Books

    Now it’s time to see evidence of their work. Ask candidates to either lend you copies of their previous nonfiction work, or at least to provide you with the titles so that you can purchase them.

    Tip 3: Ask for 2 or 3 References

    Once the ghostwriter clears the first two tips, it’s time to have a chat with their clients. Ask for two or three references so you can ask them questions such as:

    • How was your initial author interview process?
    • What materials did they ask you to supply them with?
    • How did you engage with the ghostwriter during the book-writing phase?
    • Did they ask you for feedback throughout the ghostwriting process?
    • Where you satisfied with the final product? Did you feel your book was written in your own voice?
    • What are the ghostwriter’s strengths and weaknesses?
    • What were you happiest with, unhappiest with?
    • Would you recommend them without hesitation?
    Tip 4: Ask to See a Sample Contract

    Ask the ghostwriter to give you a sample copy of a contract so that you can read the fine print in advance and make sure there will be no unpleasant surprises once you’ve committed to the process and are too emotionally invested.

    Tip 5: Ensure That There’s a Strong Rapport

    Your ghostwriter must capture the essence of who you are in their writing, and in order for that to happen you must have complete trust in the relationship.

    The most well-intended relationship will fail if there’s poor chemistry, so you must ensure during the candidate interview process that you both have excellent rapport. You have to be able to feel 100% comfortable working with this person over an extended period of time.


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