I need a launchpad for crypto projects


Good afternoon, I am looking for launchpad to launch my project. But I want to have more power at launchpad token sales. Basically all launchpad allow to sell only 20% of tokens.

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    This is the policy of most launchpad. But I take it you haven’t decided on a launchpad yet, what ecosystem do you have your project built on?


    Our project is built on a heterogeneous multi-chain. If you are aware, it is on the polkadot ecosystem. We haven’t found a launchpad to launch the project yet.


    Then you need to apply for launching your project at the polkapad Launchpad. You can increase your token sales by as much as 50% at their sales. Here you can read more about the bonuses https://polkapad.network/bonus/ which are given out in polkapad and how to get them. This is one of the best launchpad, for launching crypto projects.

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