How do you get the word out about your book?


An author’s road map to book promotion and sales is provided here.


The first step is to establish a website or blog of your own. People may be able to find you even before you finish writing your book. Make sure your book has an active online presence so that people can learn about it and buy it. Embrace the power of social media


The number of people that are exposed to your firm can be increased by implementing a variety of different techniques. As maintained by process and system improvement specialist, publishing your articles on popular websites or taking part in internet forums where your book’s subject matter is discussed are just a couple of options.


Create a Twitter account and a Facebook page for your author’s business or project in addition to your existing Facebook profile. Track which posts and promotions on your social network profiles generate the most likes, shares, and retweets.


Look at the best-sellers in your business to see why particular publications are so popular. Encourage others to post online book reviews.

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