Anyone moved to the new Amazon Product Advertising API version (PAAPI5)?


So, if you’re unaware of this, you should be! Version 5 of Amazon VA, the company’s Product Advertising API, has been released (referred to as PAAPI5). Given that they have never, as far as I am aware, sent out any notices, you may be excused for not being aware of this.

They allegedly aim to deprecate earlier versions, and one deadline has already passed. Currently, the end of January is being discussed, although I highly doubt they will actually do so as long as a sizable part of customers are still using the older API.

Briefly stated, if you use the new API, which uses JSON rather than XML, you WILL need to completely rebuild all of your existing content.

You’d have to be crazy to migrate with such a lack of information forthcoming – I won’t be. The official forum is useless, there are no official responses to bugs, no one you can ask about anything, there are various bugs and limitations people are running into, and in short, there are various bugs and limitations people are running into.

I was just curious if anyone else who has moved had any insight on the procedure.

If it weren’t for the radio silence outside, would anyone be utilizing the Amazon API? I wonder if we can each other here?

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